Passengers with Reduced Mobility


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Passengers with Reduced Mobility

We want to ensure you make the correct choice before you book your holiday with us. If you have any concerns regarding the suitability of the holiday due to reduced mobility we would encourage you to contact us.

  • Our ships are not adapted for wheelchair access; if you are intending to take a wheelchair with you please contact us.
  • Due to the popularity of river cruising, when there is more than one ship in port the ships could be moored alongside each other. If our ship happens to be moored away from the landing pier, disembarking could involve walking across gang planks and the sun deck of other ships.
  • River cruises operate with a smaller crew than ocean cruises and do not have the crew available to personally attend to passengers with reduced mobility, therefore, a travelling companion would need to be able to help with any physical needs.
  • The itinerary we include with our river cruises involves shore excursions such as visiting places with cobbled streets, which can be on an incline, making navigation of these streets difficult for anyone with reduced mobility.
  • Cruising down any of the European rivers we offer gives you the opportunity to take in the spectacular scenery, and there is a lot to enjoy from the comfort of the ship. If you can’t do many shore excursions, river cruising in Europe can still be very enjoyable and worthwhile. Please contact us with any concerns you may have.

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