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Which River Will You Explore?



A river cruise is a perfect way to see as many sights as possible in many different towns and cities. What could be better than a day of exploring before relaxing on your five-star ship? Each ship has many facilities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay, and the itinerary is sure to delight and amaze as we explore hidden gems and unmissable attractions. Your Cruise Director and Concierge will be there to assist you along the journey, as well as offering wonderful pieces of information about the locations we visit. To help you choose the perfect river to sail on, we have listed each one below with their features which make them special.




Perfect for... breathtaking Provençal scenery and countryside. perfectly produced French wines and dramatic, rugged gorges and quaint towns.

Pont du Gard along the Rhone river


Perfect for... incredible baroque architecture, the home of Mozart and classical music, soaking up Hungarian culture and traditions.

Hungarian Parliament Building on the Danube river


Perfect for... fairy-tale castles and medieval villages, breath-taking views of the Rhine Gorge and the magical Black Forest.

Heidelberg city along the Rhine




Perfect for... stunning chalk cliffs and sweeping bends, famous Chateaux and their majestic gardens, the Bayeux Tapestry and D-Day beaches.

Paris along the Seine


Perfect for... soaking up the Iberian sun, wonderful wines and age-old traditions and exploring Europe's most undiscovered river.

Porto in Portugal along the Douro river


Perfect for... meandering bends by lush green fields, the aptly named Romantic Road and Bavaria's enchanting towns and cities.

Wurzburg on the Main in Germany




Perfect for... iconic and traditional windmills, the stunningly colourful
Dutch bulbfields plus historic maritime cities.

windmill in the netherlands


Perfect for... steep vineyards and lush countryside, ancient ruined castles and sleepy villages plus charming and traditional, narrow streets.

Rudesheim in germany