River Cruises in Romania

River Cruises in Romania

Few other experiences can compare with the magic of our Romanian river cruises. Soak up everything that Romania has to offer from the picturesque setting of the Danube river. Romania has a rich history and a thriving literary scene not to mention epic Alpine scenery and contemporary cuisine.

Between the two extremes of the tree-lined boulevards of Bucharest and the natural beauty of the Danube Delta to the magnificent towns of Kalocsa, Pecs and Belgrade, our Romanian river cruises allow you to discover the many gems of Eastern Europe. From the architectural delights that await you in Bucharest including the Palace of Parliament and the tranquility of the Parcul Alexandru and Cismigiu Gardens, there is never a dull moment on our spectacular Romania cruises.

Like the folklore that surrounds many of the monuments in Romania, you’ll find yourself enchanted by all of the historic buildings. The Danube flows through Eastern Europe and Romania is the last stop on its route. With plenty of historical charm and natural beauty, there is always something to pique your interest. Our Romania river trips are packed with highlights and whether you are a history lover, an architecture enthusiast or a foodie, there is something to delight you at every turn.

Sailing the Danube on a Romania river cruise is an unforgettable experience and one you will treasure for a lifetime. Passing through the Iron Gates Gorge, the enchanting old town of Constanta and the stunning Churches of Ivanovo are just a few. As we pass Veliko Tarnovo and the village of Arbanassi located just passed the Romanian Southern border, you will be charmed by the unique houses which attract architects, painters and historians due to their detailed wood engravings. Your Romania river cruise will come to an end in Budapest where you can enjoy a guided tour of the city.